This site requires curiosity and a willingness for deep exploration. If you are lacking in either, or time, then let me direct you to the Site Map, which is hopefully complete enough to satiate your reasons for being here.

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UPDATE 2009: I welcome you to my personal site, but it is terribly in need of total reconstruction and updating. For actually current material related to me, I refer you to my online journal (blog). I have been, unfortunately, busier than I would like, and thus, unable to update the site in a way I would like. For the most part, it has been in such a state for at least two or three years, so to me it feels a bit like walking into an old bedroom of mine I've long since moved out of, with a bed that doesn't feel like my own anymore. If you have moved around enough within a short enough time frame, that metaphor makes sense; for me it goes a step deeper, for I have never had a bedroom that felt like home to me. Yes, even the bedroom in which I grew up for the first fourteen years of my life. Of course, I've never been quite sure what 'home' really means, or should mean, or what it feels like; and perhaps I've spent most of my life trying to figure that out--among so many other things of which I wonder. Anyway, eventually, I will get around to fixing up and updating this site.